We are an enterprise
formed by mining professionals

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About Us

Madini is a privately owned enterprise formed by mining professionals with extensive operational and corporate experience.

The company has an Africa-focused investment and development strategy and seeks to take advantage of the deep value exposed as a consequence of the current sector downturn, by identifying and actively managing fundamentally sound, but stalled, orphaned or distressed assets.

Madini’s focus is on acquiring stakes in and applying its unique capabilities to targeted advanced exploration and development-stage projects with near-term cash flow potential.

Madini’s focus is on projects in Africa, given the largely untapped potential of the continent with growing demand for raw materials and access to capital for solid projects backed by first class management teams. The team has a strong network, deal sourcing and execution ability.

Madini differentiates itself from other juniors by diversifying both commodity and country risk while ensuring tight management control over its assets.

Our shareholders benefit from being strategically positioned in a group managing high growth potential, near or in cash projects without the conventional risks of equity dilution associated with many junior mining companies or management’s attachment to single asset companies not providing the right investment hurdles.